NW New Works 2017: PETE (Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble) May 31, 2017

by jayme

NW New Works 2017: PETE


Want to pack a lot of art into one evening? OtB’s NW New Works gives you the opportunity to see short versions of longer experimental or in-progress projects.

As part of the Studio Theater Showcase for Weekend 1, Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble (aka PETE) will present a 20-minute sample of Deception Unit — a kitchen-sink tragi-comedy and series of overlapping domestic narratives driven by the notion that our lives are fundamentally a series of well-constructed lies. 

What happens when we lose track of our tidy narratives — the lies we tell ourselves, each other, and the world — and truth exists only in the eye of the beholder? Examining the geopolitical through the lens of the quotidian, Deception Unit creates a world in which the audience’s perception becomes the principal arbiter of what is “true”.

After its presentation at NWNW, PETE will present an hour-long version of Deception Unit as part of CoHo Productions' Summerfest (Jun 15 - Jul 16).




PETE (Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble) is a company of theatre artists dedicated to creating new plays that reify the relationship between audience and artist. We develop original performances and produce innovative interpretations of classical text. We challenge established notions of theatrical form and content with innovative modes of practice, presentation, and organization to create work that is visceral, raw, and revealing. 

PETE has been making performance since 2011, with work including [or, the whale] (2016), Procedures for Saying No (2016), Drowned Horse Tavern (2015), All Well (2015), Enter THE NIGHT (2015), The Three Sisters (2014), R3 (2013), and Song of the Dodo (2013). PETE’s work has been produced at Summerfest, Risk/Reward, On the Boards, Caldera, and Portland Center Stage's JAW Festival.

PETE is Jenny Ampersand, Robert Quillen Camp, Jacob Coleman, Miranda Hardy, Peter Ksander, Rebecca Lingafelter, Kristina Mast, Paige McKinney, Cristi Miles, Mark Valadez, Writer, and Amber Whitehall. (Facebook, Instagram)

Get tickets to see Deception Unit and three other short performances in the Studio Theater Showcase next weekend!