NW New Works 2017: Mother Tongue Jun 15, 2017

by jayme

NW New Works 2017: Mother Tongue

Moving through strange worlds an alien and a believer seek refuge, an artifact, and understanding. Join us for <sic> by Mother Tongue, part of the NW New Works Studio Theater Showcase this Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 17! 


Mother Tongue is a two-headed post-disciplinary art-making machine created in 2015 by Katherine Cohen and Angelina Baldoz. Together their curiosity, rigor in experimentation, and plenty of coffee fuel the process of developing bold new works that speak to the nature of existence in our world. Mother Tongue was born of a desire to slough off old patterns and tap into the root of collaborative art making through the body as a whole. Biting off more than they can chew is an imperative. What manifests runs the gamut of disciplines and their current work in progress, <sic>, hovers in the space of deep listening, dreams, knowing, and not knowing. 

Fun facts: You'll see a few other familiar faces in the cast of <sic>: Markeith Wiley, 16/17 Season artist ('It's Not Too Late', November 16-20) and Hendri Walujo, who performed in 'A Great Hunger', by 16/17 Season artist Jessica Jobaris/Real Magic, Mar 16 - 19. (Hendri is also performing in 'The Renovation' by Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender, a part of the NWNW Mainstage Showcase this Saturday and Sunday!) Behind the scenes lighting designer Amiya Brown has lit many other shows at OtB, including performances by zoe|juniper. 


Mother Tongue performs in the Studio Theater Showcase along with Linda Austin Dance, Ella Mahler, and Julie Hammond in this FINAL weekend of the NW New Works 2017 Festival!


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