NW New Works 2017: Julie Hammond Jun 14, 2017

by jayme

NW New Works 2017: Julie Hammond

Môj Gidget by writer/director Julie Hammond is centered on a California-born Jew who travels to a landlocked country to learn to surf. Featuring pop music, dentistry, and a family story that can’t be told, come see it June 16-18 in the Studio Theater Showcase in the final weekend of NW New Works!

Môj Gidget was created in collaboration with the performers (Julie Hammond, Nicola Rough, Amanda Sumand) and designers (Matthew Ariaratnam, Robert Leveroos, Kyla Gardiner, Caroline Liffmann, Natalie Purschwitz) with Annie Therrien Boulos, Eddy Van Wyk, Montserrat Videla, and Dominique Jenkins. Môj Gidget is part of an evening-length performance, Other Inland Empires, which will premiere in Vancouver, BC, October 5-7, 2017.


Julie Hammond is an interdisciplinary artist working across performance, pedagogy, and intervention. Her practice activates spaces with the performative, and investigates the relationship between performance and audience, spectator and place, site and story. Her work has been published in print magazines, seen on stages, hung in galleries, and shared on the street. Current research interests include the shimmer line between fiction and reality, the cross pollinating influence of Judaism on surfing, and the ways in which we experience space through sound.

As a performer with Portland, Oregon-based Hand2Mouth, she has created 12 full length shows and presented work at La MaMa (NYC), On the Boards (Seattle), The Myrna Loy Center (Helena, MT), PICA's Time-Based Art Festival (Portland), and numerous colleges and venues across the west coast.

Julie has studied with Toshiki Okada (Japan), Mariano Pensotti (Argentina), and trained with Double Edge Theatre (USA), Teatr Pieśń Kozła (Poland), and at the British American Drama Academy (London). She is an MFA candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies at Simon Fraser University's School for Contemporary Arts (Vancouver, B.C.) where she studies with theatre directors Steven Hill and Cole Lewis.


Julie Hammond and cast perform in the Studio Theater Showcase June 16-18, alongside new and in-progress works by Linda Austin Dance, Ella Mahler, and Mother Tongue. 


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