NW New Works 2017: Earth and Ceremony Jun 12, 2017

by jayme

NWNW 2017: Earth and Ceremony

I Want to Hear the Sea is a modern opera, inspired by the Myth of Sisyphus, from Seattle performance art group Earth and Ceremony. The piece is conceptualized by Rachel Green, directed by Rachel Green and Daniel Salo and created by Rachel Green, Anna Telcs and Daniel Salo, and premieres in the Mainstage Showcase this weekend (June 17-18) at NW New Works!


Earth and Ceremony is a newly formed performance art collective founded by Rachel Green and Daniel Salo. 

Rachel Green creates site-specific multimedia performances that tell stories about our human condition. She regards the body as a container for emotions, infusing her work with delicate and volatile expressions of human feeling. The work invokes a sense of the primal and cerebral while exploring ancient and mythic themes. Green takes inspiration from nature as a way to harness one’s own power, wildness, wonder, and freedom. 

Daniel Salo experiments with piano, opera, synthesizers, noise, ambience and electronic music. His music has been featured in film and T.V. and widely used in performance art and dance. Salo's compositions are both haunting and hopeful, influences from minimalism and the avant-garde he aims to create unique scores into the ethereal endgame.


Earth and Ceremony make their OtB debut this weekend in the Mainstage Showcase (June 17-18) for NW New Works, which also features new and in-progress works from Wade Madsen, Petra Zanki, and Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender.


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