NOW I'M FINE Dec 5, 2014

by Samantha Detzer

If there is one thing I want from a piece of performance it’s the feeling that what I just saw could never be done again. I want to walk out and think  “I know what I saw will be done again tomorrow night and then again the next night and again all weekend, maybe all month. But no one else can possibly see what I just saw.” Its not that my emotions or reactions are so complex it’s that the performance was so singular, so special that it doesn't seem like it could be repeated.

Ahamefule J. Oluo’s Now I’m Fine wasn’t just funny, or timely, or raw it was singular. His effortless way of being with us and with his story is something that you are hard pressed to find elsewhere. It took the best part of stand up and of music concerts and the best parts of theater and storytelling and melded them together to create something that structurally and artistically and emotionally felt seamless.

I just keep thinking, "Will someone else really get to see this creation? Will they get to sit in their seat and hear the jokes, and nod their head along with the beat, and swell with feelings the way that I did? Not possible. That couldn’t happen again". But apparently it is, and I feel real sorry for anyone who is going to miss it.