November 12MM Nov 23, 2009

by Tania Kupczak

One of the most enjoyable things for me about this 12 Minutes Max showcase was the progression of pieces throughout the evening. Even though the five out of seven of the pieces are essentially solos, it doesn't feel like a solo-heavy show because three out of five solos involve video, a musical instrument and two puppeteers for the solo puppet. Another thing that caught my eye were the costumes. Jose Amador and Tamer Abdo were both modestly dressed, but each had their own powerful message. Karin Stevens's dancers subtle costumes matched beautifully and supported the sharp ensemble choreography. Gabriel Bruya's costumes helped create the 50s period-appropriate atmosphere along with matching retro pyrex containers. Heidi Pendergast/Twig Theater's two puppeteers' eastern tunics augmented (the puppet) Little Man Monk's robe. Charles Smith had a perfect collared shirt, tie, and button up V-neck sweater for his 12-Minutes-of-fame valedictorian speech. - curator Danny Herter