"Nostalgia is on fast-forward" - Findlay//Sandsmark in the New York Times Magazine Oct 27, 2015

by Erin

photo by Paula Lobo

The NY Times Magazine's take on Findlay//Sandsmark's performance in NYC last year:

"In our sped-up Internet culture, in which today’s viral memes quickly become tomorrow’s misty watercolor memories, 'nostalgia is on fast-forward,' according to the American theater artist Iver Findlay, a Wooster Group alum who helms the Norway-based performance company Findlay//Sandsmark with his Norwegian wife, Marit Sandsmark. Today through Sunday, the pair joins a few friends at Abrons Arts Center to perform in the show named, in part, Biograph, Last Year (the rest of the title is unpublishable), a collage of contemporary dance and both live and recorded audio and video that aims to explore how we experience nostalgia — that most unreliable of emotions — in an era in which events take on a those-were-the-days patina after a mere few years.

In the piece, the hyperkinetic, mop-topped Sandsmark and the lithe, slacker-cool performer Joey Truman enact a highly abstracted pas de deux — their bodies writhe, twitch and are dragged about the floor — amid a visual and aural landscape of buzz, fuzz, crackles, rumbles and mumbles, not to mention video images of movement that occurred live only moments before."

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