Newyorkland review roundup Nov 21, 2011

by Jessica

Here's a sampling of reviews from over the weekend about Newyorkland. Don't forget to also peruse the blogs for other audience reactions!

"...seamless and gorgeous..." - The Stranger

"The production's power is in the way director Kenneth Collins, video designer-director William Cusick and a flesh-and-blood cast of four (many more actors are involved in the video material) dig deeper into real terror, pain and psychological dislocation — experiences that would change any of us." - Seattle Times

"What is remarkable about the performance is its amplification of your senses, so that you begin a sensory immersion into Newyorkland, not a rationalized one." - The SunBreak

"All of it is supported by a striking visual sense, on the stage (by Kenneth Collins), in its video components (by William Cusick), and an intricate soundscape (by John Sully)." - Seattlest

" Newyorkland [etmporary Distortion] pools their skills to create a compelling, self-contained world from which it’s impossible to avert one’s eyes." - Crosscut