My inbox is filling with love for Kidd Pivot Nov 21, 2008

by Jessica

I've been getting many emails this morning  from people wanting to share their thoughts about the show last night. Here's what I've heard so far: "...fucking amazing. Authentic and strong." "I knew I would stand halfway through." "Beautiful! I heard many gasps during the performance which is a sign that the performance affected others just as it did me. Thanks OTB for bringing KIDD PIVOT to Seattle. Some of the best dance I've seen!" UPDATE 1pm Kidd Pivot's Lost Action was an incredible experience. The movement style and innovation was not only visually arresting but refreshing and inspiring. It was amazing to watch the masterful dancers carve and shape the space in ways that I had never seen before. Crystal Pite's choreography was literally breathtaking and held onto a strong sense of narrative while allowing the story to unfold and reveal itself in a way that kept you completely engaged. I found myself hoping that it wouldn't end! I wish that I had the money and time to see it again. Thank you to on the boards for bringing such a riveting performance to Seattle and thank you to Kidd Pivot for coming!   UPDATE 5:30PM I saw Kidd Pivot last night. It was maybe the most enjoyable dance performance I've seen. The dancers were amazing, as was the choreography. I don't know much about dance, but I really loved that performance. Thank you for bringing them. I'll keep updating as the day goes on...