My faith in the form of dance has been restored, or this is how I want to make love, Kidd Pivot style. Nov 21, 2008

by Jessica

You must see this show. Personal preface: I make dance, even though for the past 10 years I have been more inspired by film and music and visual art forms than the craft that I have been trained in since I was 3.   I always believed that dance could say what all the other forms could not.   That it could tap into the unspeakable, a primal creative impulse, and connect us to our bodies in a sexually retarded culture that tells us not to, in any sort of healthy way that is.   But the truth, is that I have secretly hated dance for the past 10 years.   Not trusting that it can say enough on it's own because I have seen performance after performance that just doesn't quite do it or fails completely.   The performances that have inspired me over the past decade use dance as an element, but it   in a very heavy relationship with...other. You must see this show. After seeing Kidd Pivot 2 years ago, I was sold.   Crystal Pite is true intelligent dance making.     After seeing Kidd Pivot last night, my faith in dance has been restored.   I felt like I was at church.   Every moment was a "What?" "Oh no he didn't!"   "Hell yes!"   And then there were tears, gasps, jaw drops, chills,   long exhales, jolts of physical desire to be involved, to be moving that way. The empathetic understanding of the work it takes to be able to move that way.   These dancers embody everything I preach to my students every week and everything I aspire to in myself, personally and professionally.   When your core is strong enough and your awareness of how to not only channel energy, but direct it, you can fearlessly, honestly abandon and embrace simultaneously. This goes for both dancing and crafting dance. Both seasoned professional and neophyte can feel this when done well.     You must see this show. Crystal is freakin smart. Her use of structure is perfect. She hooks you with a straight forward idea and leaves room for you to feel your way through it.   Crystal understands time.   She leaves you with just the right amount, not only from section to section, but as a whole.   She understands sound and the use of it, it's emotional and rhythmical impact.   She understands breath and sensation in a deep and honest way that isn't touchy feely bullshit.   Within all that softness there is an edge, or the opposite, depending on how you look at it.   She understands the importance of mystery.   She trusts her audiences enough NOT to insult their intelligence by bludgeoning them with an overly important concept (like the majority of dance/art makers out there). You must see this show. It has been a long time since I have seen a piece of choreography that inspired me so profoundly.   I either want to follow Crystal around until she asks me to dance for her, or just keep kicking my own ass and my dancers' asses to ascend to the levels I know we are all capable of. You must see this show. I never yell Bravo.   I yelled Bravo like I was yelling Obama in the streets on election night.   Seriously.   You must see this show. And PS. Lost Action had my best friend and dancing companion Ellie Sandstrom crying like a baby the entire time and she is a tough mamma jamma.   (I cried too, but not as much as her.) And PPS.   You must see this show. -Amy O'Neal