Musings on Part & Parcel Jun 12, 2011

by Mimi

Part & Parcel's "By Guess & By God" was choreographed & performed by Allie Hankins & Mary Margaret Moore at NWNW 2011. The following are musings that the landscape of Part & Parcel opened in me, the viewer, also a poet.


Part & Parcel


beak beak beak beacons

beak beak bone 

bone boney

but but but bending

bending be be beatific

but but but we're turning&

we we we have muscles

when when we're fresher

we we wouldn't if if

we were boys but 

we we we're ladders

see see the cactus

this this opening

this is why we'll make it so

say so what if my 

my opening opens

on your opening

if i'm opening your opening

i'm overdoing it but  

i had an elbowful to say

when the wind came in

in in 

my own record 

of the event was just

the record you could have


we are the clown the can-can

semi sun driver considering 

you &me &you &this

it's only a flowering but 

suddenly the space opened up 

&became vast i mean

i'm lost

&there are clams everywhere

&there's a pinnacle in this moment

you see we make the frightening 

thing tidal it comes every 12 hours now 

the fallen moon it's what i'm asking for

we do have some relevance 

the moon makes us open too

it's so damned catachable 

so we do the moon &me

we've got a plan look 

we've got a plan you know

we're just doing our job

i'm doing my job job

you're doing your job job

&this is the way the way this way

it's unapparent but apparently you 

don't see it you can say 

that's the end i mean the line 

you can say here now but you don't

you are the crossing guard

you define the crossing place

this is the place build it here

but if you're not coming too

i'm self-destructing

ok i've got a ken on that 

i've got a locus now

the world is my circusstage 

my oysterstage my beach 

&ocean boundary stage

cross here cross here

this is the strip the land 

the loading zone

detach from your caboose 

it takes all day just to fill up 

just to be in that cute little police state

being military is so succinct 

so anticipatory &patient 

really it's eventful it's a tidal pool 

an anemone now

a crab in a hole

at sunset


A K Mimi Allin