More Loaded Rifles Feb 16, 2007

by Betsey Brock

Wow, you're so smart to remember that Chekov loaded rifle quote. I am so excited about the BMX ballet! The video from last year's NWFF Bike-In was great - and I like to see the OTB sidewalks used for more that loitering smokers. I was talking to Mike Pham, of Helskinki Syndrome. His tech is at 9 freaking 30 A.M. So if he looks sleepy when you see him singing "We Didn't Start The Fire" at karaoke after Sunday night's show, that's why. Ok. I need to feed our child some dinner now. Blog less, parent more. Parent smarter, not harder? Blog harder, not smarter? Do any of those work? Looking forward to a three-day weekend and two nights of 12 Minutes Magic. I was thinking today how nice it would be if we had convinced Dina Martina to come perform the President's Day song, as a special guest. Maybe next year....