More from the inbox about Cotton Fields Jan 15, 2011

by Jessica

Here's a sampling of the comments I received in my inbox today:

"Thank you guys for making this happen! It was a fantastic performance and I'm going to see it again. I love everything, music, band actors, such an emotionally charged experience...and I danced while watching them and wanted them to keep playing all night long so I can dance all night long. I think dancing with these guys is the best way to see them :)

Thank you again for bringing them to Seattle!

Unforgettable experience!"

"Really really really fabulous and incredible."

"My partner and I thought the show was awesome. Both performers were absolutely mesmerizing and fascinating to watch - particularly Mr. Niemczyk. It was tough to take my eyes off of them long enough to read the subtitles and half the time i didn't bother. The music was incredible as well. The only downside was the video segment - totally gratuitous, unpleasant, and completely unnecessary - as if the director was saying "in case you didn't get the point, let me beat you over the head with it." I was glad there was a bit more live performance after the video to get that nasty taste out of my mouth and bring me back around to loving it. Thank you OTB for bringing this to Seattle!"


"There were moments in "...Cotton Fields" that were of that specific affirmation, the one that says, "Nothing can replace this... this immediate exchange of human to human experience.  Here is someone before me experiencing something so real, and I am right there with them".   This is the stuff that good live theater is for.  Raw, sweat, meat, and heart.  And the band is effin amazing!"


"Constant with surprises and purposeful with their silences, the production team of "In the Solitude of Cotton Fields" brought thrills to my evening with this original and thought provoking piece.  I was blown away by my first experience at On The Boards and I can't wait to see their next endeavor."