Mike's Song List for Speak & Sing Tomorrow! Mar 16, 2010

by Mike P

"Mike, what songs are you going to sing tomorrow at Speak & Sing Contemporary Karaoke Practice with Eric Fredericksen?" "Good question, Mike. Let me think about it..." *thinking* "Well, I could always fall back on some classics like this one," CLICK ME! "...or take it down a notch with this one," CLICK ME! "...or maybe this is the ONE!" CLICK ME! "Wow, Mike, those are some awesome choices. How will you pick from these and over 9900 songs in the Seattle's Best Karaoke songbook available for download here?" "That's another good question, Mike. I don't know, but his name starts with "Jack" and ends with "Daniels"...but really, you'll have to BUY YOUR TICKET to Speak & Sing Contemporary Karaoke Practice with Eric Fredericksen to find out. (I also take requests and bribes)..." "Mike, you really shouldn't take bribes, you're not the karaoke host" "The hell I'm not *backhanded slap* I'm ASIAN" "*wince*" "Now, bring me a drink." "Mike, the event's tomorrow..." *pause* "Did I stutter?" "Yessir." Fin.