Meet the conductor, Anu Tali Mar 3, 2010

by Jessica

Anu Tali is a world-class conductor (she's got cred)  who has been travelling the world to lead Songs of Wars I Have Seen and is in town right now with Heiner Goebbels helping put together the show for this weekend. A couple quick things to note about her: *By the age of 30 she founded an orchestra featuring the top musicians from around the world. *She conducts frequently in her homeland of Estonia, but makes international trips on special projects, such as this one. *She and her twin sister  are  listed amongst other beautiful women in classical music  on the wesbite She'll be leading the musicians for Goebbels' portion of the evening in Songs of Wars I Have Seen. anu tali [Photo of Anu Tali from Warner Brother Music]