Measure for Measure May 12, 2018

by Koushik Ghosh

Kaneza Schaal & Cornell Alston: JACK &

A response to Kaneza Schaal & Cornell Alston: JACK & (May 10-13 at On the Boards) (Photo: Christopher Myers)


A recipe for love 
A recipe for disaster
A recipe for commitment 
A recipe to hold it together 
A recipe to make it fall apart

The rules of the game are simple

A tiger in the apartment 
Is a recipe for a hospital visit

Vinegar for eggs is a recipe 
For a failed cake

Lack of attention 
Is a recipe for a failed marriage

Innovations are interesting 
But recipes WORK.

In times of crisis 
Such as ours
A recipe is 
A direction 
A hope

The measure is the man and woman and us


Koushik Ghosh is an economist/poet/writer who is deeply interested in transnational issues, and the areas of social choice and justice.


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