Masterclass with Teatro Línea de Sombra Oct 17, 2012

by Monique

On the Boards Masterclass with the acclaimed Mexican multi-disciplinary theater company- Teatro Línea de Sombra

Sat, Nov 10 | noon @ OtB | $12 ($7 with ticket stub)
Participants will need to bring 2 objects with them to the workshop. Please read below.

The Poetics of the Object:

In Amarillo the company uses objects commonly found in border crossing kits and desert water stations as they deal with the untold stories of those who cross from Mexico to the US and those who are left behind. In this workshop with Jorge Vargas, Director of Teatro Línea de Sombra, participants will explore the theater's ability to transform industrial objects into poetic metaphors.  

An object, an itinerary, a portrait - Jorge Vargas
Our daily routes are recurring journeys that trace a map of our comings and goings in the context of our lives (of where we live). Itineraries of the inside of our house, our neighborhood, our city, our university. All are susceptible to reconstruction. All of this wandering leaves a footprint. A trace. A scar. An imprint on our memory.

I. Our meeting agenda basically tries to create a space for the reconstruction of those trips with consideration of the distinct devices used to take those trips: pictures, live imagination, action, topography, GPS, architect models, etc.

II. We are the ones who take the itineraries, these daily diaries are also the evidence of our time, our space, our personal history, short stories of this existence. This trivial existence. They are also our portrait.

To generate materials and work with them in the workshop, I propose:
a)    think of your recurring daily journey, in an object that you associate to that experience, and that you can bring to the workshop and
b)    an extreme close up of your face in a moment of your daily routine printed on paper or a close-up photograph of an image up where you can hardly perceive the context.

You can finish both tasks one day before the workshop.

In our brief workshop time we will consider the possible and probable strategies to recuperate those itineraries and present them for a witness or witnesses, in the devices, mechanisms, instruments or actions to make visible these tours.

Jorge Vargas started doing political theatre in the 1970’s while attending the Universidad de Mexico. It took him a number of years to return to the performance he loved and in 1993 he founded Teatro Línea de Sombra. He has taught a number of acting and movement classes and has won multiple awards, including Best Research Theater Director Award by the Mexican Association of Theater Critics. Vargas has motivated Teatro Línea de Sombra to “create actions-not stories”, which has led to their highly original and visually striking performances, incorporating everything from soundscapes, film, dance, letters- all based off the companies in depth research. But the real meaning for Vargas lies in the experience the actors have with the objects they bring into the process to create the piece. Vargas explains- “An actor who constructs does not interpret- the actor is not trying to be dramatic”.

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