Master Class with Marcus and James Apr 26, 2014

by Monique

Master Class

Playing at Talking with James Long and Marcus Youssef of Theatre Replacement and Neworld Theatre.

Studio Theater | Sat, Apr 26, 2014
Noon @ OtB | $12 ($7 with ticket stub)


Join Marcus and James in a series of text generation exercises, including a participatory version of Winners and Losers. Participants will work together to investigate the role of the game in creating text, what it means to play "oneself" onstage, as well as questions of presence, spontaneity and improvisation. This class is open to all artists.

Please RSVP to - class size is limited.

James Long, co-artistic directs Theatre Replacement whose work (WeeTube, BioBoxes, Clark and I Somewhere in Connecticut, among others) has been seen across North America and Europe. James also works as freelance director, writer and actor with Rumble, urban ink, The Only Animal, The Chop Theatre, CBC Radio and The Electric Company, among others. As a teacher he has worked with artists across Canada and students at The University of British Columbia, The University of Regina, Simon Fraser University, Studio 58 and Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts. James is a graduate of SFU’s School of Contemporary Arts.

Marcus Youssef (writer/performer)The artistic director of Neworld Theatre, Marcus’ plays and performance events (Ali and Ali, Jabber, How Has My Love Affected You? Adrift, A Line in the Sand, among others) have been produced across North America, Australia and Europe, and are published by Talonbooks and Playwrights Canada Press. Marcus co-founded the production studio PL1422 in East Vancouver, and is co-chair of Vancouver’s Arts and Culture Policy Council. He sits on the advisory board of Canadian Theatre Review, and teaches regularly at Studio 58 and Canada’s National Theatre School, which he graduated from in the early 1990’s.