Looking back at the debut of Pacific Musicworks Feb 23, 2010

by Jessica

Almost a year ago, Pacific Musicworks (then known as Pacific Operaworks) made a splashy debut in a high profile production of Return of Ulyssses that included partnerships with William Kentridge and South Africa's Handspring Puppet Company. The performance debuted in Seattle and toured around the west coast, earning considerable accolades:
"Stubbs [director of Pacific Musicworks] has been home from his star-studded career in Europe for a couple of years now, but those years have been building up to this project." - Seattle Times "Launching any enterprise today is a bold gesture, but an opera company devoted to 17th- and early 18th-century opera, as well as contemporary opera, even more so. Yet, visionaries have always done what they want to do when the moment is ripe for them, regardless of the circumstances. Such is Stephen Stubbs..." - "If this production is any hint at to what's to come, Seattle should be very excited about the future." - Interchanging Idioms (San Francisco blog) "With this production (its first!) Pacific Operaworks has established itself as a national level producer of opera..." Opera Today
Read more about what they'll be getting up to in Songs of Wars I Have Seen, their follow up to Ulysses, on their performance page.