Looking back at 12/13 | Part I Jul 1, 2013

by Erin

Kill some time waiting for the 13/14 Season by playing catch-up with 12/13. Maybe you missed an artist interview or some great supplementary material. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Get to know UK/Berlin/audience favorites Gob Squad at their super-entertaining site

Check out the Vimeo channel of Parisian video artist/Christian Rizzo collaborator Sophie Laly

Listen to an interview with Kidd Pivot choreographer Crystal Pite with PNB director Peter Boal

Read an interview about politics and aesthetics with Amarillo director Jorge Vargas

Get inspired by Itai Erdal's lovely and innovative lighting design

Listen to two different conversations with UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW director Young Jean Lee (and be sure to check out the rest of these stellar podcasts)


More ideas coming soon...