The Learning Channel Nov 15, 2013

by Richard Lefebvre

This was a good time from the beginning. I loved having this dance piece completely broken down and explained to me. He mapped out each move without music which I thought was weird. I knew that there was a lot to the mechanics of dance, but this was in reverse of how I would imagine doing it. He was also very dry in his explanation, inclusive like he was making fun of the more mundane aspects of being a dancer, like holding an awkward pose for a life drawing class. I was blown away by how precise the movement was, bring left leg in, right arm pointed perpendicular, torso parallel to the ground, etc. On one of the pieces I tapped out a beat and sort of made up a bass line in my head to see where the gestures were coming in – it was flawless. It's totally internal and natural, all those movements make up a beat in his head that could be played to and he was right on the money. It was really nice to understand it and experiment in my head with it, total Learning Channel type shit. Plus he appears to be enjoying himself. This was really cool.

– Richard Lefebvre is a serial blogger for the 13/14 OtB Season. He builds hotrods and sings in the band Burien.