Learn How to Tour! Apr 23, 2013

by Madeline

Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET) and National Performance Network (NPN) are pleased to offer a FREE workshop on touring for local Seattle artists!
Today's Touring Landscape
Tuesday, May 7th
5:00pm- 9:00pm
On the Boards Studio Theater
100 West Roy Street
Seattle, WA 98119
COST: FREE! Subsidized by National Performance Network. Advance registration required. Limit 30 participants.


This two-part session includes NPN's "Doin' It on the Road", which include the nuts and bolts of touring (contracts, budgets, insurance, tech riders, etc.) as well as an exploration of the nuances of touring (networking, what presenters "do," how do they make their choices, etc).  This second half is set up as a conversation with individuals representing various aspects/expertise of the touring ecology.
Each participant receives a printed touring toolkit, the NPN Partner directory, and access to a PDF file with sample contracts, budgets, and resources.

MK Wegmann, President & CEO, National Performance Network, has 30 years of experience in organizational development and artists' services. NPN supports the creation and touring of contemporary performing and visual arts, and in its home in New Orleans, serves as an intermediary and fiscal sponsor for artists and organizations working in recovery efforts.  From 1978-1991 she was Associate Director for the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, and from 1993-1999 as Managing Director of the theatre company Junebug Productions.  Wegmann serves on Boards of Directors for National Performance Network, Junebug Productions, Performing Arts Alliance (PAA) and the Cultural Alliance of New Orleans. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Spring Hill College and a Master of Arts degree from Louisiana State University of New Orleans (now UNO).
Sharon Williams, Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas
Idris Ackamoor, Cultural Odyssey
Colleen Furukawa, Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Ed Noonan, Myrna Loy Center
Out North Contemporary Art House
Dawnell Smith & Ruby Jones, Outpost Productions Inc.
Erin Doughton, PICA
George Lugg, REDCAT
Amina Sanchez, Skirball Cultural Center
Joan Osato, Youth Speaks, Inc.
Tanya Mote, Su Teatro

Park Cofield, NET Program Associate, 323-638-4870 or

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