Le Vu Long: <i>Stories of Us</i> <font size=2>by Paige Barnes</font> Mar 9, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

Flashing light seemingly incidental, techno beats mixed with indigenous melodic sounds, lights at the same rhythm of the music, simple image, large landscape of doors and windows that were a metaphor to a world beyond. A meditative female who slowly walks away as I hear fairy tale words blended into the musical score that reminded me of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. The room is so quiet that I could hear the thoughts of the person next to me. I didn’t even want to move because of the quiet, sacred manner of the performance,  “something ” was happening. A touch of western culture with a woman in sunglasses that appeared to be making fun of, what??, I ask... hmmm, she was in a position of power, her orange hood protected her. More techno music, strobe lights, lighters, light bulbs, lighting flashes, the floor turns red and green and a red stripe on the back wall ”¦there was a choreography of electricity, giving the sense of an unknown higher presence. I remember a female solo in black within a lighting storm moving as if an outside force was taking her over. A stranger enters and interrupts, a man, quietly outlines the stage in an orange suit. Orange, red and black dressed females emerge on a sharp diagonal, quietude and sounds of breath that sounded like sex. I was most struck by the two duets male/female and male/male. The movement vocabulary was precise but lush, it was strong and stage sweeping but yet subtle. I was mesmerized by the delicate way of entering the complex partnering vocabulary. They gently listened to the preparation needed to execute the movement and carried eachother to a higher level. The relationships evolved into a poetic harmonious connection. The piece began with a solo and ended in a group. The title of the piece,  “Together Higher. ” I witnessed a ritual of connection; Yes, and I agree that together we are higher.