Le Tigre & Miguel Guiterrez – The Meme Mar 5, 2014

by Erin

Miguel Guiterrez made the original DIY video to Le Tigre's Deceptacon. The video went viral, garnered over a million hits and produced various imitators. If you haven't seen this yet, watch it! It's amazing.

Miguel talks about the costumes on the knowyourmeme website:

"It was Howie’s ideas to make the costumes the way we made them. Howie is very creative when it comes to costuming, if you’ve ever seen his 'my robot friend' character you’ll know what I’m talking about. I believe we bought the pilot jumpsuits at some thrift store downtown then we met at Howie’s computer programming job where we cut them up and STAPLED the velcro pieces onto the costume. This makes the costume really fucking uncomfortable. For the helmets we took two big bags of cotton balls and covered them in yellow duct tape. And then made the straps with the tape and staples. Again. the gloves are from some weird video game that Howie knew about. And then he got a bunch of l.e.d. lights that he put into the goggles (again, from some army/navy store) and I think we put them somewhere else on us but I don’t remember. The sneakers are from some website where you could get customized sneakers mailed to you. I have all of these fucking costumes in some bag in my apartment somewhere."