Lasting Impression Mar 29, 2014

by Marcin Pączkowski

BeginAgain captured my attention from the very beginning. The stage was divided into 5 distinct areas, interwoven in various ways. The two semi-transparent screens were either creating barrier or connecting adjacent spaces. Interactions of solos, duets, groups and video projections were full of tension between characters of this abstract performance.

The video projection was particularly well incorporated in the stage design, as well as the body movement itself. The artists seem to draw from the idea of site-specific work in their production, but in this case they were continuously transforming the "site" themselves to complement the action on stage. For me one particularly captivating moment took place when one dancer was performing a "duet" with a projected shadow, while the other dancer was performing a variation of the same movement behind the screen, which resulted in a "double duet": dancer-projection and dancer-dancer, in a mirror-like situation. On the other hand, it wasn't always clear what's the exact relation of dancers and objects on stage: they were mimicking each other, fighting, showing affection or devotion. It was up to the audience to interpret these powerful interactions.

I wish the form of the work was as multilayered as the stage interactions were. Subsequent sections were progressing from one to another, with not that much of a direction or development between them. Similarly, considerable part of music was fairly straightforward, again not fully embracing multiple angles visual elements were presented at. At the same time, there were sections which were silent, and there were sections where dancers were making sounds themselves. These were very powerful.

The performance as a whole was very engaging. A good balance of movement, tension, real and projected image, beautiful backdrop, as well as masterful execution of the energetic choreography created a truly lasting impression.