kudos to on the boards... Mar 2, 2011

from Carie Esquenazi

I just saw the 12 Minutes Max last night and after the great combination of good old country music, an incredibly touching and heartfelt monologue, stewed tomato madness, guys and girls dancing in little black dresses and a man talking to (and then beating up) his little stuffed piggie, I had a revelation: On the Boards is my artistic defibrillator.

It doesn't matter how many days it's been raining outside or if I've been stuck in my apartment sick for a week, when I come to see a show, it revives me. Just knowing I'm coming to watch a performance(s) makes me happy instantaneously. The combination of amazing art, being a part of the active and invested audience, the incredible crew that makes it all happen behind the scenes whom I love and means so very much to me.