Kristen Kosmas on Anton Chekhov Jan 3, 2014

by Erin

“...I’m curious if it’s that aspect of his work that might be inspiring people right now, even if it’s unconscious. Because we’re in a similar moment. You can come in and do all these different things simultaneoiusly, with all the possibilities we’ve inherited in the theater. Now we’re making these syntheses, these plays that have very traditional or conventional elements together with very unconventional elements, poetic language with very pedestrian language. Realistic moments in plays that also have these metatheatrical concepts also. These beautiful hybrids are happening because of everything we can do, and I feel like he was also doing that to some degree. So maybe that’s why we feel so tethered to him."

Playwright/performer Kristen Kosmas talks Chekhov and writing with Jeremy Barker at Culturebot.