Kidd Pivot took me to Heaven Feb 18, 2011

by Ben Rapson

There are some shows that don't need a story, don't need an explanation, don't need a meaning. Kidd Pivot's Dark Matter was just that show. I was in pure Heaven for well over 75% of this performance. After their incredible tour-de-force Lost Action last year, I was willing to watch literally anything they wanted to show me. What I got was a divine mix of puppetry, explosive modern dance, and the vague storytelling of dreams. I was with it, then I was lost. I got it, then I didn't. After only a few minutes I stopped caring: just give me more Kidd Pivot. The finale of this performance is the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed on a stage, and it's not just because they chose one of my favorite pieces of music for it. After the show I met all the performers and the choreographer, but I could not put into words the amazing ecstasy I felt watching Dark Matters. I still cannot. I wept for about 10 minutes after the show, delighted and destroyed. You don't need any more reasons. Go see it and love it.