Join us virtually on March 27 with Tessa Hulls and Eric J. Olson! Mar 24, 2020

Artists Tessa Hulls and Eric J. Olson bring us an evening of art and togetherness online.

Join us for a cocktail in the virtual lobby, watch the show, stop for a little intermission, and we'll talk afterwards, too!

About WUNDERBAUM | Songs for the End of the World
"Antarctica is the last place where you may drop down, when you shake the earth and can’t stay put anywhere else.”

Inspired by this quote from the documentary 'Encouters at the End of the World' by German filmmaker Werner Herzog, Wunderbaum and Touki Delphine will cooperate for a second time, six years after Lost Chord Radio. Wunderbaum, a Dutch-Flemish group of actors/musicians performs a high-energy concert spectacle about dreams, choices and possibilities set in Antartica.

These actors and musicians share a love for roaming, and stories about the homeless. They rewrote their lives using childhood photographs, sunk to the bottom of the world in their thoughts, and met their other selves in their dreams: the adventurers, scientists, professional dreamers and fulltime travellers who they, deep down, actually also are.

Tessa Hulls is an artist/writer/adventurer who is equally likely to disappear into a research library or the wilderness. She's holed up for the next few years to work on Feeding Ghosts, a nonfiction graphic novel forthcoming from MCD Books at Farrar, Straus and Giroux in Fall of 2022. 

Eric John Olson is an artist based in Seattle, WA. He collaborates with artists and community members to co-create projects and conduct collective research. 

Watch with Me: is a new virtual program, where members of the On the Boards community choose an performance, invite their friends and fans, watch together, and have a conversation -- and maybe a cocktail or two.

This is free -- but rsvp here and we will email you the Zoom link!