Join us this month for Virtually Spectacular! Apr 29, 2020

Hello Art Lover,

I miss you. Spring is in the air. I've got a lilac bush outside my front door that smells terrific and aggravates my allergies. My neighbors are digging some strong-smelling compost into their beds. Even the chilly days only need a light jacket. It would feel really good if everything weren't also so freaking strange right now. It feels good to get in touch with something real, something not on a screen. To SENSE something.

We are physically distancing, but we are still approachable! Artists are signing up for Monday hangouts, we're having coffees together, and we're seeing art all over. This morning, Rachel and I were in a Fusebox Festival Waffle Chat with arts presenters from all over the world, sharing strategies for what planning feels like now, how we're muddling through these strange times, and what we're learning from these weeks that we'll want to hold on to.

Even in uncertainty, we have a lot to look forward to. You've always been an adventurous audience -- 2020 might be the most adventurous year yet. For over four decades now, On the Boards has been the creative home for Seattle's most adventurous artists, providing space, resources, and more. We are committed to our mission, to invest in leading contemporary performing artists near and far, and connects them to a diverse range of communities interested in forward-thinking art and ideas.

We'll weather this storm by really digging into it - and investing in artists who are working in our venue, online, out in public, on the phone, or in ways we can't fathom yet -- and connecting them to YOU. I remain in awe of all the different ways humans in OtB's community have risen to this moment; changing so much and being so flexible in such a short amount of time.

On the Boards needs you. We've been 100% here for artists, ideas, audiences, experiments, parties, dinners, happenings, rituals, late-night conversations, and art-fueled fever dreams. Our investment in Seattle's art ecosystem runs deep. We have an opportunity for you to return the favor.

The challenge, should you choose to accept it:
Our celebrated party, Spectacle Spectacular will be VIRTUALLY SPECTACULAR this year. We aim to raise $80,000 -- and we will have a good time doing it, too! If you love what you see (and hear, and feel) at On the Boards -- and you want us to venture forth into the next season with stable footing and the capacity to serve our mission in ever-changing circumstances, I encourage you to donate - or better yet, start your own campaign in support of our $80,000 goal to help build our mutual futures. No goal is too small! Think you can rally 10 friends to give $10? AMAZING, every bit helps us reach our goal. You can start your own fundraiser here!

Physical distancing is not nearly as fun as talking to you at the Fubar, but we definitely want to connect with you whenever we can. Drop me a linestop in for coffee (online), tell us what you're looking forward to, and what you might like to keep on doing after the stay-at-home order is lifted. When will you be ready to come back into a theater? Are you looking for art opportunities that are live, but also maintain space and distancing? We're curious.

keep cool,
keep six feet apart,
keep on truckin,

Betsey Brock
Executive Director