Join the Current Apr 18, 2015

by Hatlo

You arrive, you prepare and you enter the pod. 

The pod is just one part of a brilliant swirling energy that started long before and will blow long past. The pod is an invitation to join the current, join the movement. 

In my pod were children, activists, people of color, white folks - people who danced, laughed, cried. I don't know how well we would face the dystopia of the parable, but we were introduced to our collective power and invited to connect to face this future together as a continuation of a legacy of resistance. The parable of the pod is an invitation to fortify and become a fertile dangerous dandelion seed. The invitation of the dialogue is to situate yourself in your identity in Seattle in our larger world and to cluster with others to find solidarity and make change. The invitation is to wage love and move in these movements. It is only when we move within the movement that we might be transformed. 

Beware the Dandelions and their resilience - mistaken for weeds because where oppressive power organizes to crush them they are spreading, irrepressible. The seeds fly and roots lodge deep - building community, building strength because silence and alienation from each other is not an option. 

The pod is just one part - beating heart collaborative artistic expression of artist activists who move vigorously in the movement - and the pod offers only a glimpse. Complex Movements focuses our attention on a future they have foreseen down the path while they organize against the dehumanizing privatizing efforts in Detroit and its war on the poor. Their work is accountable to children, to elders and to ancestors - to those in solidarity - to movers, activists. If you are none of these it exists as invitation to become one and you must have wanted this, seeing as you do, perhaps from a distance, that there is a need, that you are not immune to the destructive forces oppressing the lives of immigrants, people of color, queer folks, people in poverty. . . the invitation is because we need you, because we need each other. In our silent inaction we become complicit, Complex Movements invite us to shed the idea of being individually useless. We must rise together to stop the tide of water privatization, arctic oil drilling, food deserts, racism, police brutality, immigrant detention . . . What a powerful invitation - to come into these movements, more than that to be welcomed, to be exposed to Complex Movements' framework for movement building and to be introduced to some of the places in our own communities where we can get started. 

The trick, which is also the beauty, is accountability, so heartfully wonderfully modeled by Complex Movements. May we all take note of the intentions they set and the debt they acknowledge to elders, ancestors, activists and innovators of the movement. To Grace Lee Boggs, to Charity Hicks, to the movement organizers in Seattle like Luzviminda Uzuri Carpenter and the work of the WonderLab, of Africatown, Got Green?, EPIC, FEEST and more. Let us be accountable, move in solidarity, accept the invitation and see beyond the glimpse.