Jan Fabre in brief | Je suis sang Mar 26, 2009

by Jessica

je suis sang smaller Production name - Je suis sang Subtitle - A Medieval Fairy Tale Featured - "A battalion of armored knights parad[ing] alongside bloodied brides, satyrs and medieval surgeons" (NY Times). Plus everything you see in the picture above. First performed - 2001 (for France's Festival d'Avignon and Belgium's deSingel) Total number of performers - 24 (actors, dancers and musicians) Le Monde called it - "...what living theater should be." [Jan Fabre is bringing his company Troubleyn to OtB in May with Orgy of Tolerance. His career spans almost 30 years and includes some amazing images and stories. Keep watching the OtB blog in the weeks leading up to the West Coast debut of Fabre for information on some of his previous works!]