Interview with Heiner Goebbels Mar 3, 2010

by Jessica

Once you've read the beginnner's guide and then followed up with the aesthetics of Heiner Goebbels, you're ready to hear from the man himself. A good place to start is  with this interview/feature on Heiner written by Jeremy Barker at the SunBreak. In it he talks about: *a new band he recommends *the difficulty of finding critics to review his work ("they were really fighting over who was the one who should write about the piece. And then finally the editor decided to send both the theatre critic and the music critic") *how art and politics played a big role in leading him to his chosen career *working with Heiner Müller *making musicians read text in a performance *choosing Gertrude Stein for Songs of Wars I Have Seen ...and more. Read the whole interview over at the SunBreak.