Instruments in My Arm is Up in the Air Mar 24, 2011

by Jessica

Charles Smith uses 3 instruments in his show that you won't find everywhere. Here's a little tour of what you'll see on the stage:

Hammered Dulcimer

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This instrument is played using small hammers on the strings running across the board. Learn about its whole anatomy and watch videos about it here.

Bowed Psaltery

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"Psalteries are found, in one form or another, in every major folk culture in the world dating back 1000's of years. They came in all shapes and sizes, some were plucked, some were struck and some were bowed. The most sacred musical instrument of the ancient Hebrews was a plucked psaltery with 10 strings which dates back to Biblical times..."

Read more about the history of this instrument and watch videos here.


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Did you know that the autoharp isn't actually a harp, but is rather a zither? Read about all the ins and outs of it here.


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