Impossible Oneness May 18, 2012

by Eric Pitsenbarger


There's probably been a Rube Goldberg reference or two when describing Trimpin. The impossible constructions of found objects he joins with stripped-down, once recognizable musical instruments (now re-installed as bare bones steam punk sculpture), are all tasked in an odd, delicate tumble towards the most elegant and ephemeral result: sound.


Calibrated by computer algorithms yet still relying on the base elements of gravity, fire, earth and water what's coaxed from tubes and beakers, from naked strings and glass vases of liquid are voices that instruct us in listening differently. To listen not just for what one would expect from a metal pipe, or bouncing ball. The tapping or clanging utilized as tuneful, subtle and perfect. Listen as well to the space that opens when something is used differently.


Displayed in a cathedral junk yard installation of iconic shapes at once familiar and strange, the pathways to understanding are changed from scrap...from Frankenstein cyborg harshness to something else. As amazing and captivating as these contraptions are (and probably the reason Trimpin's celebrity proceeds itself), the circus novelty of the Goldberg bouncing ball reference begins to take a respectful back seat to the delicately woven story of a headstone discovered, a history uncovered and of lives in the balance. It's so beautifully poignant and rather magical really, the way a spirit is manifest through the uncommon rendering and shifted purpose of common objects. Flame fed church organ, breath upon water, a morse code detail brought to light under the examination of projected dots and muttered voices. A beautiful flickering map of french train stations. Voices through the either and nuanced staging that collect a loving embrace around the story. The coalescing of nature and memory that although at times quite solemn, produces a unique tribute without a hint of cliche or maudlin dragging. 


Taken via the construct of contrary material, re-energized with the intention of a gentle mind and spirit on a journey of discovery both simple and enormous, the paradox of universal oneness is on display this week-end at OTB! Unforgettable.