I'm Alive! Apr 20, 2012

by Eric Pitsenbarger

A picture can speak a thousand words...a world's worth of words. The flow of narrative and emotional impact connecting between nerve and intellect; and somehow through our rational brains and deep feeling heart, a twisty, complicated, near impossible to describe effect a dancer (like no other artist), has uncanny, alchemical mastery over and can bring information on all levels. Kyle Abraham and his group paint large with euphoric, articulate abandon. Smashing past cliche and branded ideals of hip-hop with the disarming grace and strength of a dragonfly. I'm given the full spectrum. The full monty plain as day reality of a shared experience. 


 My words are babble as I try to come to terms with what I'm feeling here. The heinous poison of homophobia that tears people apart from every angle inside and out. The struggle for true self. This is my story and by association, I do believe as well in a way, everyone's story really. Who can't relate to having your own intrinsic, essential self questioned? To the evisceration of a being melted down and then re-manifest in the form of one's own choosing. Against all odds you fly. In the face of destruction a new life emerges...that is, if you survive! The heartbreaking reality of this evil supported by moral intransigence is killing children. To have been tortured for being yourself puts you in a unique place and to see such a complicated, heavily charged and socially relevant message so eloquently illustrated by a master artist only reinforces the triumph of the soul, the true self. Thank you Kyle! Incredible.