I don’t pretend to know anything Oct 2, 2015

by James Holt

I don’t pretend to know anything about modern dance or contemporary theater. I rarely know the artists or what I’m getting myself into when I walk into the mainstage at On the Boards. But, honestly, that’s kinda what I love about it—walking in as a blank slate, no expectations except to be confronted with something that I’ll probably need to grapple with until the next show.

That’s what happened last night with Pat Graney and Girl Gods. As often is the case at OtB, you walk-in and see a pre-performance stage set which is simple, clean, elegant and minimalist only to be taken through scene after scene of emotionally charged, and often physically chaotic, vignettes that alter that simple metaphorical elegance into the literal mess that has unfolded around it.

I’m not ready to discuss the “unsettling journey into the collective feminine unconscious” except to say that people should experience it for themselves and discuss it in their own way. Tonight (Friday, Oct 2) there will be a post-show conversation with Pat Graney and Marci Sillman about Pat's artistic process and the creation of Girl Gods. Tomorrow (Saturday, Oct 3) there’s an “Afternoon Women's Rage Salon” in the OtB Lobby. Plus tons more about Pat, the dancers and the show here.