Host Your Own Watch Party! Mar 27, 2020


  1.  Choose a film; Choose your date and time, Choose your platform, Schedule your event on that platform -- (Must be an online meeting platform with screen-sharing capabilities)
    Some platforms that we know work are: 
    1. Zoom Pro & Zoom Business
    2. Google Hangouts Plus
    3. House Party
  2. Drop us a line at with a short bio (who are you, and why do you want to host this particular performance) and link to the meeting, so we can share it with viewers who RSVP.
  3. We can create a Facebook event, and we will invite you to co-host it so you can invite your friends. Or you can, and you can tag us at #ontheboardsseattle
  4. Let us know how many viewers you are capable of "hosting"
  5. Before your screening time: 
    1. Rent your film.
    2. Test the platform with a couple of friends
    3. Decide if you are going to have an "intermission"
    4. Open the "lobby"
    5. In whatever platform - share your screen and enjoy the film.

Don't forget to tag us at #ontheboardsseattle along the way, as On the Boards, like our artists, our community, and other nonprofits and small businesses, have suffered a major blow with Covid-19.
We are determined to continue investing in artists and connecting them with audiences like you.
Consider including a "tip jar" as part of your screening, and asking your watch party friends to leave a small donation: