Holcombe Waller - Starbucks Pick of the Week Jul 28, 2011

by Jessica

OtB alum Holcombe Waller stopped by the OtB offices today to say hello and drop off some of these:

Yup – that’s a Starbucks Pick of the Week card featuring a song from his 2008 show at OtB, Into the Dark Unknown: The Hope Chest. Holcombe actually connected with Starbucks when an audience member at OtB went into labor in the middle of one of his performances here. She approached him backstage after the show before speeding off to the hospital, but not before trading information with him. Fast forward to a few years later, Holcombe releases the full recording of Hope Chest as an album and sends it to the same woman, who is now working at Starbucks in the music department.

The Pick of the Week cards will begin landing at Starbucks next week, so make sure to stop in and grab one to get a download of the song “Hardliners.”

Bonus – Holcombe has created a music video for “Hardliners” with NYC choreographer Miguel Gutierrez. Check it out:

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