Hey girl! Feb 1, 2008

by Erin

I hope I won’t ruin my ice queen façade when I say that last night’s performance of Hey Girl! had me in tears from about 10 minutes in until the end of the show. I’m not easily moved by any art performance – and working at On the Boards, I have seen many, many performances. The symbolism and props used, which would have been obvious and ridiculous in the hands of a lesser artist (hey, dumbass! women are oppressed! etc etc), I found strangely lovely and riveting. The sound score, the lighting, the props, and the people on stage all coalesce beautifully in a series of fascinating images. I didn’t understand anything in a literal sense, but more in a sort of unconscious one. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a hippie. Castellucci is the real fucking deal and I can’t wait to see Hey Boy. - Erin Jorgensen