Hedreen Gallery – FACE TIME with the 2011 NW New Works Festival May 19, 2011

by Jessica

This weekend OtB and The Hedreen Gallery at the Lee Center for the Arts will partner together to give a little more access to some of the artists working in the Mainstage Theater as part of this year's NW New Works Festival.

Join us this Saturday, May 21, from 3 - 5pm and catch the following:

Shannon Stewart, Choreographer | 3 – 3:30 PM
A Better Container
June 18 – 19 | 8pm

Shannon will present a brief excerpt of her piece and speak on how the creation process began. She will also walk us through her developmental journey of how the idea went from its kernel to the current state of performance. 

After more than a decade working with renowned west coast dance companies, Shannon Stewart undertakes her own large-scale choreographic work.  Sprung from the material experience of sorting through, discarding, and appropriating the artifacts of memory that had belonged to a loved one with advanced dementia, Shannon dives into the visceral landscape of memory loss, exploring the inane attachment to objects and places, the cellular, personal and societal implications of losing one’s own past. Bringing together a powerful group of collaborators including dance performers Marissa Niederhauser, Mary Margaret Moore, composer Sam Mickens and filmmaker Adam Sekuler, Stewart creates an environment that fluctuates between suffocatingly nostalgic and frighteningly bare. 
Jessica Jobaris, Choreographer | 3:30 – 4 PM
You're the stuff that sets me free | NW New Works Festival Mainstage Showcase
June 11 – 12 | 8pm

Jessica will give us an inside glimpse into her rehearsal process. As a show-and-tell with some of her dancers, she will share in her intimate approach and means that have helped her define the work and work with artists.

Choreographer Jessica Jobaris and guests mirthfully explore the extreme behaviors and feelings that surface when we are taken by loss, investigating states of crisis, intimacy and empathy. Through intensely personal exploration, including rigorous physical movement, reflective writing, and ancient indigenous practices, the choreography is hulled from a recorded history of improvisation from the performers in states of catharsis and chaos, meditative movement, and self-inspired rituals.

Paige Barnes, Choreographer | 4:00 – 4:30 PM
War Is Over | NW New Works Festival Mainstage Showcase
June 11 – 12 | 8pm

Paige will share an excerpt of the video that will accompany the piece she is creating for the festival. She will also present movement vocabulary and phrasing developed specifically from a heavy research and development of the core ideas surrounding the piece and how they work in tandum with the video.

War Is Over is a psychic journey — a preparation to counteract sabotage fueled by the desire to win a three-round boxing match with oneself. Significant artists involved in the project include Jeffrey Huston (sound composition) and Aileen Imperial (videography). Traffic lights are employed in the work to illustrate three rounds, including 2 rounds that will utilize green screen technology to create video. Inspired by the spirit and physicality of boxing, Barnes researched boxing through private lessons, films and observation of live matches to inform the movement vocabulary. In the work she blends the physical knowledge gained with her interpersonal story to generate a unique movement language that is highly personal and athletic, intuitive and technical.