Have We Met Before? Jan 20, 2018

by Natalie Singer

 Real Magic (Photo by Hugo Glendinning)

Real Magic by Forced Entertainment (Jan 18-20) (Photo: Hugo Glendinning)


Have We Met Before?
A semo-definitional response to Real Magic by Natalie Singer


To possess we come upon into the presence of encounter

earlier or sooner than to hold or accept in some relation 

as of kindred position we become acquainted with the 

future of awaiting to receive or take we join at an agreed or 

designated place or time in preference to rather than

in precedence of as in order or rank to experience

to undergo or to endure joy or pain we come into the 

company of the presence of sight to appear before an audience

to hold in mind we assemble for action with a higher priority

to cause by command or invitation we form

a junction, as lines as planes as areas until sooner

to be conjoined or united as adversaries

or hostile forces used in indicating the exact time



Natalie Singer is a Seattle journalist, editor, and the author of the memoir California Calling: A Self-Interrogation (March 1, 2018). Twitter: @Natalie_Writes


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