Harold and the little brown mushrooms Oct 7, 2016

by Daemond Arrindell

poem by Daemond Arrindell, OtB Writers Corps Ambassador

harold has grown up. He calls himself alan now, 

and traded in his purple crayon for little brown mushrooms.

his imagination is still as wild as the blank wall let him be

harold doesn’t draw on the walls anymore, he’s too busy tripping on mushrooms

outside, with his friends - the spirits, and the chicken that lays the [golden] eggs,


he looks under the umbrellas of mushrooms to see what they are hiding -

dark rings that whisper things that go on and on,

they look like feathers pulled loose from a crow,

or the upclose textures of an iris.


do mushrooms know whose dream this is?

harold’s or alan’s?

the little boys dream of space,

of science breaking rules, making fiction into fact


let there be no come down from up high


when your back is to the ground

the only place to look is up


how shiny the stars are, like phosphorescent oil spills

reflecting the sun, like feathers cut loose

that still fly or fall or float


what fear will you take with you

to float on or fly with or fall?

let there be no come down


kneel to the timing, to the let down, to the bitter,

they want to meet you,

harold and alan will be there

they bruise blue just like you


let love be the center

let there be no come down


build a fire for your grandest friends

feed the flames to the doubts in your skin

dance to the bruises, laugh to the truth of the burning

let the whispers come down from the crackling

like a spore,


you are aware of this -

just like harold, just like alan

but you draw it anyway, and you say hi to it anyway


let there be no comedown

from the cyclical nature of your fragility,

let there be no going up or on from that


let the falling, the floating, the flying be

what we need them to be

just tongue in cheek, they know where this is going


we all do


we want to come along anyway.


Daemond Arrindell is a poet, performer and teaching artist. Adjunct Faculty at Seattle University; a 2013 Jack Straw Writer; and a 2014 VONA/Voices Writer’s Workshop fellow. He has performed across the country and has been repeatedly commissioned by Seattle and Bellevue Arts Museums.