Greta Hartenstein, Autumn Knight, nibia pastrana santiago, and Mariana Valencia. In Conversation. Sep 16, 2019

Pictured: Greta Hartenstein, Autumn Knight, nibia pastrana santiago and Mariana Valencia

When Jane Panetta and Rujeko Hockley invited Greta Hartenstein to curate performers for the 2019 Whitney Biennial, she went with her well honed instincts and invited Autumn Knightnibia pastrana santiago, and Mariana Valencia to create performances for the exhibition. These are three artists who Greta had been interested in for quite some time, watching and supporting their work. When they were planning the works, Greta and the artists thought of space, time, and audience -- and they thought carefully. Though curate is a word so often tossed around it seems to lose its meaning, it is important to remember that part of the root of the word is to care for. Greta cares for these artists and cared for their work. Deeply. Though that care is always important, it is especially important when the institution holding the work feels unsafe. At the helm of the museum, as vice chair of the Whitney board, is Warren Kanders, who earned his money from his company Safariland, which produces and distributes tear gas. In the works of these three performers, their bodies were at stake, and the audience was there to support and witness them push through boundaries, barriers and borders.

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