Get thee to City Arts Fest Oct 18, 2011

by Jessica

City Arts Fest is this week, 3 days only from Thursday - Saturday. You can check out over 70 local performing and visual artists doing new work and new collaborations, including a whole bunch of artists that have appeared on the OtB stages. There are also over 50 bands performing in the weekend.

Lots of the visual art stuff is free, and single tickets for other art/performance shows are all under $15. If you're really feeling like swimming in a steamy, 3-day, art bath, you can get a wristband that gives you entry to basically everything. On the Boards friends/family are eligible for a special discount on wristbands:
Enter promo code Teen Feed VIP for $75 VIP wristbands or enter Teen Feed for $55 wristbands. Teen feed gets $5 from each pass w/ this code.
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What are some of the things to see?

Steve Cuiffo (NYC) you’ve maybe seen with Foundry Theatre and Radiohole at OtB. He’s also performed with the Wooster Group in the past several years. As a solo artist, he has the exclusive rights from the estate of Lenny Bruce to perform Bruce’s material, because he’s not only memorized the words, but every pitch, breath, finger snap, pause and cadence. He’s doing an hour set of this material for the festival. The monologues are eerily as relevant today as they were 50 years ago when Bruce first riffed on things like the constitution, organized religion, race and illegal and prescription drugs. ONE NIGHT ONLY - Friday at 10:30 at Showbox Market.
More info and tickets for Steve Cuiffo

Daniel Barrow (Montreal) is a visual/performing artist who OtB artistic director Lane Czaplinski saw perform at the PUSH festival in Vancouver BC. City Arts is bringing a live animated story that Daniel performs in real time with transparencies on an old school projector. The story is weird and eerie. It’s Daniel’s Seattle debut. ONE NIGHT ONLY - Saturday at 8pm at Fred Wildlife Refuge.
More info and tickets for Daniel Barrow

Genre Bender – Interdisciplinary pairs of artists who have never made a duet together, or ever worked together, or ever even met are teaming up to make new projects, one night only. This show is now happening at OtB - ONE NIGHT ONLY -  Friday at 7:30pm. Featuring:
Mark Haim (dance) & Casey Curran (visual art)
Mike Pham (performance) & Gretchen Bennett (visual art)
Rainbow Fletcher (dance) & Sean Johnson (visual art)
Evan Flory Barnes (music) & Jennifer Law (visual/scenic art)
Karen Finneyfrock (poetry) & Joanna Lepore (food)
Amy O’Neal (dance) & Wes Hurley (film)
More info and tickets for Genre Bender

Erin Leddy from Hand2Mouth Theatre (Portland) is bringing the full “My Mind Is Like An Open Meadow, which was a major highlight of OtB's 2010 NW New Works Festival. This will be at Theatre Off Jackson. Only 2 performances! Friday and Saturday at 10pm.
More info and tickets for Erin Leddy

John Osebold as "Jose Bold", seen at OtB in the band "Awesome" and a 2011 Stranger Genius Award winner, will be doing his last show of the year - a brand new solo show called Seateeth at Theatre Off Jackson. Only 2 performances! Thursday and Saturday at 10:30pm.
More info and tickets for John Osebold