Free write inspired by The People's Republic of Valerie May 5, 2017

by Daemond Arrindell

in the dark present, one of the 7 calls out to us
and speaks of steps forward and an elegant gown
and as the brightness chases the darkness into the past
we see there is no dress

no pomp or circumstance or ceremony
just the being
just the being
just the being
an echoed reminder that every moment is unfolding
with us at centerstage, there is only right now
just the being
just the being
just the being

being, not just a reason, not just a place
not science fiction or religion
this is no spaceship, this is not a dream
we are being, just being, right now, together

we accept the challenge
don't interface, don't interfere

where are we?

we have bigger problems than the where
and the only thing that matters
is that it is happening right now

we learn to be invisible
it is survival to blend into the masses
but we still want the risk of standout
a peacock will learn to swallow poison
if it will make his plumage brighter 

see how apparent
see how it happens 

we beg
we pray
for a clear flight path
for an SOS that will be received 

iron the grass
check the oil
clean out the basement
hide in the closet 

hide from our incandescnce
our inability to stay dark 

we hate this
that we have been doing this forever
that we will be doing this forever
this underdog mentality

still, we rise
and the lights come up
are we fully alive
unsure but standing
on our own two feet

we point to each other
looking for the brightened feathers
and the vials of poison
knowing the forks in the road
knowing our bodies are mini kingdoms
and each of us, sovereign citizens

we are here
out loud
in the light
one of 7
we still remember how



Daemond Arrindell is a poet, performer, activist, teaching artist, and member of the 16/17 Season Ambassadors Writers Corps. Learn more about The Ambassador Project.