FREE ART FOR 24 HOURS (AGAIN)! Feb 27, 2020

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Telethon  

That’s right, we are back at it again. In celebration of affordable, accessible, quality art, is airing it’s second PBS-style Telethon exclusively on the Internet. Join us on YouTube LIVE, for a selection of favorites, special guests, phone calls, and so many bananas. 

The Telethon runs nonstop for 24 hours starting from 10AM on Wednesday, March 4th to 10AM Thursday, March 5th, 2020 right here: 2nd Annual Telethon Kickstarter


But first, what is is your personal, mobile portal to high quality contemporary performance anywhere, anytime. Rentals start at $5, and annual subscriptions are only $50 (that’s less than $4.25/month), keeping the world of art affordable, available and accessible at your fingertips whenever you want it.   

Aside from countless art lovers like you, is available in over 100 university libraries (and one high school!) across the world, serving tens of thousands of students, professors, and burgeoning artists. is educational AND entertaining, what more could you ask for?! A one-of-a-kind resource celebrating the study of performance from all around the world. artists from around the world that is accessible across the world. 

And wait, you're doing a telethon for 24 hours? 

That’s right! We’ll be streaming favorites for 24 hours! We’ll also be hosting live on-air guests who will help to explain how necessary a service like is to artists, students, teachers, art lovers, and people all over world.  

Samie and Erica will be your hosts for this non-stop mayhem, so head to 2nd Annual Telethon Kickstarter any time during the 24 hours and you’ll see some great art, lots of banana phones, energetic arts admins, super fun celebrity guests, and SO MUCH MORE! 

You need me? How come? 

Our work relies on relationships with a lot of good folx who believe in our art and this work, including our incredible community of subscribers and audience members. You can spread the word, share the wealth, or amplify the message but we need you! 24 hours is a long time but we are up for the challenge is you are along for the ride! 

So, what should I do exactly? 

Join us on Weds, March 4 at 2nd Annual Telethon Kickstarter!