found poem for Pancho Villa Nov 19, 2017

by Daemond Arrindell

 Gema Galiana Photography)

A response to Pancho Villa From a Safe Distance (Nov 16-19) (Photo: Gema Galiana Photography)


call me Tiger
i hear the voice of Villa
i dig for the poor
for the destiny, for the sad, 
for the weapons
for the mistakes of the voice

the titles are alive
floating and changing 
a texture of lace and drum 
and brotherhood

a family torn, the petals still live
the luck is not dead
the eyes still see
don’t look away
the stampeded will come for you

the horizon is not an untouchable god
look into its eyes
the dead lay claim to the nightmare but they do not dream
the shadows will not lie for you at the rivers edge
a border squinting in the sun
his eyes do not leave

fear for the lives
flood the city
grab your rifle and horse
no loyalty left
the shame in the shadow
the bloody chaos

here he is
so far from god
the voice of Villa, the Tiger
we are all 
bandits here


Daemond Arrindell is a poet, playwright,  performer, and teaching artist who is moved most by art that challenges the status quo.



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