Fold again Oct 24, 2012

by Alice

Kidd Pivot
Everything leaves a sign
But nobody really cares
Pop star Robyn is singing in my brain, (Don’t) fucking tell me what to do...
(Sox) suck
Paper boats line up between white and black, “we” are in darkness “they” in the white tempest
Let’s get up
and let it all become
silence, the women behind me are talking about what an amazing week they had, nothing will ever top the Laurie Anderson show they just saw
Laurie Anderson was amazing
sir. you need a new sheet of paper
zipper going up
or down
Fold in half
Fold stays on the top
Fold in half again
Bring one corner to the center fold
Bring the other corner to the center fold
Fold the flaps up
flap up
fold the corners over and under
That is the first origami I learned. Maybe I was in preschool, my grandfather may have taught me, he was a carpenter, he built buildings. We made boats with pink newspaper pages and wore them as hats. He smelled like tobacco and home-canned tomatoes. He (died).
are we going to hibernate? patience Alice
A shipwreck geography it’s coming for you
This is when movement talks, when time is revenge
Or are these aliens? aliens sex?
Tu tu tu tututuuuuu (hear X-files theme song)
wait - disney cartoons, exaggerated in movement, expressions and emotions, aerodynamic heads
white and pure [...]
bad and evil
fathers making decisions for their daughters, never a good recipe for someone‘s future
revenge is a dish best served cold - make it explode, make this whiteness dirty, like the soul of your feet
whose destiny is it?
Anger Angel
loneliness and destruction, all we had to be crazy?
Hell is empty and all the devils are here
I just want your heart
Awake! dear heart. Awake!
Our ancestors, our thoughts, our confusions
...and then you are dead, and there are a thousand hands touching
a thousand hands clapping
and then I realized that I (don’t) really love this person