A Few things to know about Trimpin and Rinde Eckert May 11, 2012

by Jessica

The Gurs Zyklus features the talents of the MacArthur Genius, Trimpin, and the legendary Rinde Eckert, a much beloved OtB alum. Here are a few things to note for both gentlemen:

Trimpin’s work is everywhere. From the SeaTac airport to Tieton, he has permanent installations all over the world and has many works that frequently travel for temporary exhibitions. One particular sculpture in The Gurs Zyklus just got back from being on loan to Germany!

Here’s a short clip about one of Trimpin’s famous Seattle pieces, the electric guitar tower at EMP/SFM:

Trimpin specializes in making kinetic and sonic sculptures that a treat for the eyes and ears. Despite this he never records the music that emanates from his creations. The presence of his sculptures in the show is just as important as the performers!

How does he describe his own work? Here’s what he said to the Times:
"My work is always visualizing sound," he says. "A blind person can hear the movement and a deaf person can see it. You don't have to understand the science of harmony, sine waves, pitches, and timbres to feel the impact of melodic, percussive sounds." Read more in the Seattle Times.

Trimpin is as much an inventor as he is a sculptor. His acheivements include such things as a gamelan whose iron bells are suspended in air by electronic magnets and machines that play every instrument of the orchestra via MIDI commands. Read more about his inventions.

Rinde was raised by two opera singers and grew up around the theater. He saw his first production by the time he was 5 and appeared in his first opera at the age of 7. Ever since then he has been dealing with music/theater.

He has been making work for himself and others for over 30 years. He most recently restaged And God Created Great Whales, a performance originally created for OtB alums The Foundry Theater. The piece, a musical adventure into the psyche of a composer  trying to create an opera based on Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, has received rave reviews. The New York Times commented, “one is overwhelmed by the power of quest and loss and by the beauty of the music.”

Recently Rinde was named one of the inaugural recipients of the Doris Duke Performing Artist Awards. This multiyear award grants Rinde $225,000 and lands him in a class of artists who include other legendary OtB performers such as Eiko and Koma, Ralph Lemon, Richard Maxwell, and Young Jean Lee.